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Planetary reducer fever and solutions Yong Yao to tell you

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For an important member of the reducer family members --- planetary reducer, the use of the total temperature is too high during such a problem, the temperature is too high, seemingly simple little problem, but in fact there is a big trouble. Not only affects the use of reducer efficiency, even in severe damage to planetary gear reducer internal gear structure, accelerated gear wear and seal aging.

As a planetary reducer designer, planetary gearbox product performance parameters, structural parameters, process performance and assembly requirements of these basic knowledge reserve is naturally essential. Reasonable choice of planetary reducer product purpose is to use, and in the course of the use of the total will encounter various problems, today we explain in detail the use of planetary gear reducer heat problems.

One. Improper product purchase

The correct choice of planetary reducer is to use the product does not appear the first step in the problem, but also the most crucial step. On the purchase of planetary reducer products, I have explained in detail in the previous article, this time not elaborate, do not know can see below the first off the article, the correct choice of products is also very important.

Two. Overloaded operation

Planetary reducer internal structure

The normal input speed is not exceeded the rated speed reducer, then there is the inertia matching and torque are not selected properly. Under certain power,

Third, the lubrication problem Output speed non-rated speed, so that planetary reducer overload, and lack of lubrication, planet gear reducer internal gear temperature rapidly increased, poor heat dissipation, a direct result of the reducer fever serious. Appropriate from the input speed reducer is the normal work of the premise. Solution: Check the motor, adjust the inverter to output rated speed.

Lubrication problems often lead to planetary gear heat and noise problems. Too much oil, the oil will lose power lead to a lot of heat generated; lubricating oil is too small, the friction also generates a lot of heat. Poor oil quality and the use of time is too long, resulting in reducer rotation sticky, is not conducive to reducer operation. Solution: Check the oil, replace the new oil.

Fourth, product quality failed

Reducer itself has a problem, the processing accuracy is very low, the general low-quality manufacturers are using wire cutting, grinding no special machine tools, or use the transformation of the machine, resulting in low accuracy, resulting in a lot of noise and produce a lot The heat. Solution: Require manufacturers to provide product quality reports, or factory test parameters (not necessary).

Five other reasons

Poorly fixed transmission, gear wear or damage, bearing wear or damage, bolts loose, foreign invade. Solution: fixed transmission, gear replacement, bearing replacement, tighten the bolts, remove foreign matter and replace the oil spill.