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Gear processing methods are several

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Gear processing principles, there are two common, profile processing and Fan Cheng (Chin into) processing.

Profiling processing. Gear cutting tool cut out the gear tooth groove, the tool's "cross-sectional shape" is the gear tooth shape. When processing gear, there is no gear meshing motion, the precision of gear is low, the general accuracy is below 11 level.

2. Fan Cheng processing. Gear cutting tool itself is "gear or rack" gear hob can be "that" is a rack, a rack type cutter. During machining, there is "gear meshing" movement between the gear cutter and the processed gear. Gear tooth profile cutting tool, the movement envelops the tooth profile (tooth flank) of the gear to be machined, which is an ideal involute with high machining precision. Common hobbing, gear hobbing, gear shaving (belonging to finishing) .