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Helical gear

Helical gear drive features

Good meshing performance Helical gear tooth line of contact with the axis of inclination of the gear straight line, gear teeth began to engage and disengage are gradual, and thus smooth transmission, noise, and this method of engagement also reduces the manufacturing error on The impact of transmission


Helical gear drive features

1, Good meshing performance The contact line of helical gear tooth is a straight line inclined with the axis of the gear. The meshing and disengagement of gear tooth are gradually gradual, so the transmission is stable and the noise is small. At the same time, the mode of engagement is also reduced The impact of error on the drive

2, heavy coincidence: can reduce the load on each pair of gear teeth. Thus relatively increasing the carrying capacity of the gear, extending the service life of the gear, and make the transmission stable

3, the helical gear does not produce the root of the cut less than the minimum straight gear, therefore, the use of helical gear drive can be more compact body 

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